Wonderful program ! Really liked the welcome reception so we could meet other homestay students ! I made really good friends that way and I will miss my host family !


The family was very great. They gave me free space and also warm welcome at the same time. I shared some unforgettable nights and dinners with them. Thanks Welcome2france for providing me such great chance !


Ana Valeria,

I loved staying with a host family. They make you feel like you are a part of their family wich makes you feel less alone and with someone to rely on. They help you with anything you need while also giving you and respecting your privacy. They were loving and caring and they will be a family that I will never forget.


I am very thankful to the welcome2France program and to the family ! They received me very well and shared with me several aspects of the French culture that I wouldn’t know otherwise ! It was the perfect opportunity to experience France and improve my French skills !


I enjoyed my stay with my family ! They were extremely kind and shared French cuisine and culture with me. They helped me to integrate into life here in Reims and made my time here extremely enjoyable ! The organization W2F facilitated the administrative process. I am grateful to the family as well as W2F for making my stay here meaningful and memorable.


It was one of my best decisions to stay with this family. They are very kind and hospitable and I really enjoyed our meals together. Homestay was one of the best experience I had made in the exchange semester in Reims/ Sciencespo. Thank you very much !


I have been very impressed by the attention I have received from W2F as well as from the family. W2F is what made the first semester in Reims so dynamic, in addition to academic life at Sciencespo and social life outside of it. Thank you very much !


My family was wonderful and Welcome2france was fantastic ! Thank you for making my stay in Reims a memorable one ! 


My family instantly welcomed me as if I was already a part of their family. I will be forever greatful for this experience to not only improve my French and learn about French culture, but also to have met such wonderful people and an amazing family. I am lucky to know that I will now always have a family to return to in France.


Staying with a host family was the best decision I could made for my study abroad experience. I progressed a lot in my French while also experiencing French culture and cuisine. The family took care of me as if I was one of their own children and made me feel at home throughout my 5 months in France. I am very thankful to have had this amazing experience that I am will remember forever ! 


This experience was so much more than I could have imagined. Besides the benefits of getting familiar with French language and culture, W2F allowed me to learn how to live with other people in close proximity and to experience what it is like being around young children. I recommend to anyone to try for at least one year of their time in France.